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Long story short

It’s been a long and winding road to reach my current place. Happily married and living with our two children near Manchester, I’m busy helping companies reduce staff absence, performers reduce performance anxiety, and individuals reduce their pain.

Because I used to work in IT, I still enjoy website development, building online courses, and keeping abreast of new advances that can make it harder to stay a composed calm modern soul. You know how it is!

I’m keen to build relationships with tech-savvy people to build a platform to help people stay more conscious and stress-free in the frantic modern world. A degree in Cognitive Science means I’ve a keen interest in neuroplasticity and self-improvement. I enjoy going on retreats to study human reaction and response, and can’t wait for ECG technology (brain wave mapping) to improve for home use so I can build a tool-set to help home-users improve their conscious living. Sounds complicated, huh? It is!

I’ve been practising mindfulness as well as the Alexander Technique for the last ten years. I’m still surpised by the personal growth this can provide. But I’m aghast at how often mindfulness is promoted as a panacea to all life’s problems. It simply isn’t. Coupled with the fact that most people don’t have hours weeks and months to sit meditating, it means there’s a real and present need for more rapid attainment of conscious self control. This is my life’s work – to enable to rapidly and effective make real and lasting change to their lives for the better. My online, group and one-to-one sessions enable this.

At Uni, I’m pretty sure we were the first people to build route-mapping systems (think sat-nav) and voice recognition (think siri, cortana, echo and so on) – so really I should be a billionnaire by now. The thing is, in the early 90’s, you’d have needed a computer the size of your car to do any of the stuff you can do today. So we were well ahead of the curve!

As it is, I’m ready to use this complex and varied skillset to help you right now, so take the jump, get in touch, and let’s make some change!

i have the right skillset, let me Help You

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James Crow, Wilmslow Physio

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