Hire me to help you, your company or establishment make a positive change… One-to-one, online or group training.

at your work or educational establishment with james

Join the many companies who hire me to provide sessions for their staff or pupils, helping them improve productivity, reduce staff absense, and increase their wellbeing. Current offerings include:

Musicians – Tension Reduction Workshops

Actors and Presenters – Performance Anxiety / Confident Posture Workshops

Schools and colleges – INSET days

Universities – Away days

Workplaces – Sit@work and Stand@work courses and workshops.

Check this reference James Crow referencefrom the University of Manchester to show how well received my work is.

press & media – hire JAMES

Invite me to appear as an expert on your TV show, radio station or in your newspaper or magazine.


If you have a Vision i will help you to turn it into reality

My Services

I can help you in person or online. Join me for one-to-one sessions, hire me as a public speaker or for your press articles, or grab one of my online training courses, the choice is yours.

I’ve been teaching individuals, groups and companies how to make rapid change over the last ten years.

Service 1

Alexander Technique one-to-one sessions in Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire. Benefit from a personalised service to improve your posture, reduce your pain, and be calmer all day long.

Service 2

Active Mindfulness. A fascinating video course shows you how to harness mindfulness all day long, with no boring sitting required! Save 70% with code GETACTIVE.

Service 3

Like 30 at 50. Learn the secrets to looking and feeling younger without breaking the bank. Course being filmed now!

Service 4

Alexander Technique Online. This course quickly shows you the basics of the Alexander Technique so you can start to practise yourself, or use them with your Alexander Teacher. Coming soon.

Service 5

Sit@work. This video course helps your staff learn how to sit easily and comfortably at work, reducing back pain, neck pain and fatigue. Filming in progress.

Service 6

Stand@work. This video course helps your staff learn how to stand comfortable and easily at their new standing desks, to optimise the gains made by your purchase. Filming in progress.

Service 7

Tension reduction workshops for musicians. I’ve been running these for over 5 years now at Chetham’s, the UK’s largest independent music school. Get in touch to arrange sessions at your school too.

Service 8

Performance Anxiety and Posture Confidence workshops for actors and presenters. Latest workshop at BIMM Manchester. Get in touch for this course at your school.

Service 9

INSET days for your staff at school college – help your staff learn stress-busting techniques and reduce staff absence with posture management courses. Always fun! Clients include Aquinas College

Service 10

University away-day workshops for your staff. Courses include: Alexander Technique, Beat The Slump (better posture at your desk), Help For General Back Pain, Happy Backs for Manual Workers, and Reduce the Slouch (better posture for better health). Clients include University of Manchester, School of MACE, Faculty of Humanities, University Language Centre, Student Recruitment, Admissions & International Development Office, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, and Aquinas College.

Service 11

Sit@work and Stand@work courses in the workplace. Hire me to visit and provide fun, informative workshops to your staff on sitting or standing well at their desk. Effective for reducing staff absence, and improving wellbeing.

Service 12

Invite me to appear as an expert on your TV show, radio station or in your newspaper or magazine. I’ve been published in 50plusplusfit, Featured in the Irish News. Featured in the Irish Examiner. Featured on talking about text-neck. Received a nice reference from the University of Manchester. Chosen as spokesperson for the Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range. Spent the afternoon with editors from PrimaReveal and Women’s Health magazines. Spent the afternoon with editors from StylistPick Me UpNetdoctor and Company magazines. Also featured in:  Evening Telegraph, Hull Daily Mail, South Wales Echo, South Wales Evening Post, Worcester News, Coventry Telegraph, Cheddar Valley Gazette, The Bolton News, Telegraph & Argus, Brucknell and Wokingham Midweek, The Watford Free, The Royal Borough Observer,, Evening Gazette, Bracknell News, Reading Midweek, Romford Recorder, Barking and Dagenham Post, Newham Recorder, and The Ilford Recorder. I’d love to provide copy or interview time with you.

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